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Posted on 01-30-2015

Why does the Chiropractor need more than one visit to get me healthy? The truth is everyone is different, and what brought you into the chiropractor may be different than what brought your neighbor in. Most people come to the chiropractor because they are in pain, and for example we will use low back pain. Lets say you and Bob the neighbor both have low back pain, and you decide to go see the chiropractor Bob saw because you saw Bob doing cartwheels the day after his visit but when you went you were told see youtomorrow and this is going to be a process. Why the difference? There are several answers to this, You could have more wear and tear in your spine (degeneration), Arthritis, your age ( we all know it takes longer to bounce back at 45 than it did at 20), Diet, smoking, congenital anomalies ( having a different anatomy than the average person) are just a few of the variables. One of the biggest misconceptions is that there is a bone out of place and the chiropractor moves it back into place. What really happens is there is a loss ofmotion on a vertebral segment ( spinal bone) or on multiple segments. This loss of motion is mostly caused by scar tissue, and it results in an increase in pain. The chiropractor is skilled in finding the areas that are not moving as well as they should be and in turn does what is called an adjustment (spinal manipulation) which breaks up this scar tissue and helps restore the motion and in turn the pain diminishes. The amount of visits needed to do this is different from one person as we are uniquely different and the amount of scar tissue is different from one to another. A perfect example is picture a man that works with a jack hammer every day compared to the teacher in a class room, The man with the jackhammer is continuously vibrating wear and tear to his body every day which is going to cause more scar tissue and therefore take more visits to restore as much motion as possible, Not to say the teacher is not creating wear and tear, just the oddsby nature of the professions, the jackhammer will cause more. Your body undergoes two different types of trauma, macrotrauma (a one time incident such as a car accident), or microtrauma (repetitive actions that cause wear and tear over a period of time such as the jackhammer or even looking down and not moving your neck for long period of time such as looking at a laptop formany hours at a time). Microtrauma is far more common why a person ended up in achiropractic office, you woke up one day in pain, can't recall a incident that caused it and you think "you slept wrong". The chiropractor performs a history and a exam, orders a x-ray or MRI if needed along with feels the motion of the segments in your spine to assess scar tissue and then comes up with a treatment plan, from either one to two or multiple visits to help restore motion in the spine. One of the best examples is going to thegym, no one walks into the gym one day for the first time and leaves the gym that same day or even that same week looking like a competition body builder. Ittakes time to make change, It takes time to break down scar tissue and restore motion. The chiropractor is not moving a bone that is out of place and putting it back into place, they are restoring motion, and the variables previously mentioned determine why more than one visit.

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